Bow And Arrow Choke

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One of the most powerful gi chokes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is The Bow and Arrow Choke. To perform this choke, grab your opponent's lapel and rotate your body with your other arm, causing the choke to tighten significantly. This technique is popular among top competitors and is especially useful for smaller grapplers.
How to set up The Bow and Arrow Choke?

Here are the steps for setting up and performing the Bow and Arrow Choke:

  1. Secure the back control: Begin by securing your opponent in the back control position, with your back against their back and your legs wrapped around their waist.

  2. Secure the collar grip: Take a deep grip on your opponent's collar, as close to their neck as possible. Your thumb should be on the collar's outside.

  3. Secure the sleeve grip: Grip your opponent's sleeve just above the elbow with your other hand.

  4. Thread your leg through: Thread your free leg through the far arm of your opponent, so that your calf is against their bicep.

  5. Cross your ankles: This traps your opponent's far arm and prevents them from defending.

  6. Extend your body: Extend your body away from your opponent, tightening their collar and sleeve against their neck.

  7. Apply pressure:Use the collar and sleeve clips and leg controls to put pressure on your opponent's neck and bring them into submission.

The Bow and Arrow Choke is an advanced submission that should only be attempted by experienced practitioners under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

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