Crucifix Choke

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The Crucifix Choke is a position in which you stand behind your opponent and trap one of his arms with your legs, freeing your arms to attack his neck.

How to set up The Crucifix Choke

The Crucifix Choke is a powerful submission technique used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and mixed martial arts that can both immobilize and submit an opponent. Here are the basic steps for implementing this technique:

  1. Gain back control: Get behind your opponent and establish a back control position first. This can be accomplished by pinning your opponent, sweeping them, or transitioning from a different position such as guard or side control.

  2. Arm trap: Once you've established back control, use your legs to trap one of your opponent's arms. To prevent them from defending against the choke, hook your leg over their arm and squeeze your thighs together.

  3. Triangle: With one of your opponent's arms trapped, reach across their body and grab their wrist with your opposite arm. Then, wrap your other arm around their neck and trap their arm, forming a triangle with your arms around their neck and trapped arm.

  4. Choking: Use the triangle to apply pressure to your opponent's trapped arm while pushing your other arm to the opposite side. If the choke is applied long enough, it will constrict their neck and cut off blood flow and air supply, causing them to become unconscious.

It is important to note that the Crucifix Choke is a dangerous submission technique that must be executed correctly with a high level of skill and experience. It should only be attempted in a controlled training environment under the supervision of a qualified instructor. To avoid injury to yourself or your training partner, proper training and safety protocols must be followed.


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