D’Arce Choke | Aka No Gi Brabo Choke

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The D'Arce Choke refers to a submission technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that targets the opponent's neck. It involves wrapping one hand around the neck of the opponent and sliding the other through. Then, lock the hands and compress the neck.

How to set up The D'Arce Choke?

Here are the steps required to perform the D'Arce Choke.

  1. Control your opponent. Start by controlling him with a top-position, such as turtle or side control.

  2. Secure the grip: Reach one arm under the neck of your opponent and grab the collar or lapel on either side

  3. Thread your second arm: Thread your arm under your opponent's neck. Place your bicep against the neck.

  4. Lock your hands. Hold your hands together. Use your biceps and your fingers to compress the neck of your opponent.

  5. Complete the choke: Reposition yourself and apply pressure until your opponent falls asleep or taps out.

D'Arce Choke can be a very effective submission method that takes practice and skill to execute properly. You should train with an instructor who is experienced and use caution when using the technique to avoid injuring other trainees.

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