Figure 4 Toehold

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The Figure 4 Toehold is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling martial arts submission technique that targets the opponent's ankle joint. It entails trapping your opponent's foot between your legs and applying pressure to the ankle joint, potentially resulting in a submission.

How to set up The Figure 4 Toehold?

The steps for performing the Figure 4 Toehold are as follows:

  1. Secure your opponent's leg: Begin by using your arms or legs to control your opponent's leg. This can be done from a variety of positions, including guard, half-guard, and side control.

  2. Trap the foot: Use your legs to trap the foot of your opponent between your thighs.

  3. Make a figure 4: Cross one foot over the other to make a figure 4 position. The foot of your opponent should be in the crook of your crossed ankle.

  4. Apply pressure with your legs and bend your opponent's foot in the opposite direction. Continue to apply pressure until your opponent taps out or a popping sound is heard.

The Figure 4 Toehold is a high-risk submission that should only be attempted by experienced practitioners under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Incorrect application of the technique can result in serious injury to the opponent's ankle joint.

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