Head And Arm Choke | Aka Side Choke, Kata Gatame

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The Head and Arm Choke is a well-known submission technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), which originated in Judo, where it was known as Kata Gatame. Usually it is performed in a side mounted or fully mounted position, although it can occasionally be used in closed guards.

This submission hold is accomplished by wrapping one arm around the adversary's throat while the other arm keeps their arm pressed to their body. The submission is applied by crushing the opponent's neck utilizing the elbow bend and using the adversary's own arm to create weight on their neck. The Head and Arm Choke can be utilized from a variety of postures, for example, the side mount, full mount, and sometimes from the closed guard.

How to setup the Head and Arm Choke?

  1. To start, take a dominant position on your adversary, such as side control or mount.

  2. Use one hand to clasp their wrist while placing your other arm underneath their head, forming a frame.

  3. Push your arm under your opponent's neck and encircle their throat with your bicep.

  4. Grab your own wrist with your unoccupied hand, crafting a figure-four grip.

  5. Once you have the figure-four grip in place, draw your adversary's head to your upper body, putting pressure on their neck with the crook of your elbow.

  6. At the same time, tug their arm across their chest with the hand that is holding their wrist, increasing the pressure on their neck.

  7. Keep up the pressure until your opponent yields or you feel like you might injure them. Unwind the hold slowly and cautiously to avoid causing harm.

It is imperative to recall that the Head and Arm Choke, just like any other type of submission hold, should only be carried out with a partner who is experienced in this field, and care should be taken to avoid any harm.


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