Kimura Armlock | Aka Figure 4 Armlock, Chicken Wing

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The Kimura Armlock is a strong bent armlock that puts your opponent's arm behind your back. It stresses the elbow joint and shoulder. This is usually applied from sidemount or guard.

How to set up The Kimura Armlock?

Here are the steps to set up and execute the Kimura Armlock:

  1. Start by starting from a dominant place: You can start by obtaining a dominant position like side control, mount or the north-south.

  2. Grab your opponent's elbow: Securely grasp your opponent with one hand.

  3. Your opponent's arm should be pinned: Draw your opponent’s arm towards yourself while your elbow is close to yours. This will keep their arm from escaping and trap them.

  4. Secure a grip: Use the hand holding your opponent's wrist as a grasp to grab your own wrist.

  5. Use pressure: Apply pressure to your opponent's shoulder joint to make them submit.

The Kimura Armlock is a difficult submission that should only be attempted under the guidance and supervision of an instructor.

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