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The Marceloplata submission, named after BJJ master Marcelo Garcia, is a variation of the Omoplata in which your legs are placed in front of your opponent's face and body. This submission can be applied from mount or when your opponent traps one of your legs underneath their body while attempting a regular Omoplata. Once you've established the Marceloplata, a slight hip adjustment is all that's required to complete the lock and force your opponent to submit.

How to set up The Marceloplata?

You can set up the Marceloplata by following these steps:

  1. Begin with a standard Omoplata: Begin with a standard Omoplata from guard or mount.

  2. Trap the arm: As you attempt the Omoplata, your opponent may attempt to defend by posting one of his or her arms on the ground. If they do, use that arm to help shift your weight forward by trapping it with your legs.

  3. Bring your legs over their head: Swing both of your legs over your opponent's head and cross them in front of their face and body, using the trapped arm as a lever. This will result in a triangle-like position, with your opponent's trapped arm as the base.

  4. Secure the position: Squeeze your opponent's head and body with your legs, making it difficult for them to escape. You can also control their other arm or apply pressure to their head with your free hand.

  5. Adjust your hips: To complete the submission, slightly adjust your hips to increase pressure on your opponent's shoulder joint. As a result, they will tap out and lose the match.

It is important to note that the Marceloplata is a difficult submission that should only be attempted by experienced practitioners with the supervision of a qualified instructor.

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