Paper Cutter Choke

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The Papercutter Choke is a common submission technique in gi-based grappling arts, particularly from the sidemount position. Using one hand, remove the slack from your opponent's collar, and then use the other to cut down across their throat in a "paper cutter" motion. The Papercutter Choke is a quick way to submit your opponent and end the match.

How to set up The Papercutter Choke?

Follow these steps to set up The Papercutter Choke:

  1. Get into sidemount: Begin by getting into a sidemount position with your opponent, where you are lying perpendicular to their body with your chest on their chest.

  2. Secure a cross collar grip: Reach across your opponent's body with one hand and grab their opposite collar with a deep grip.

  3. Remove slack from the collar: With your other hand, grab the same side collar and pull it tight against your opponent's neck to remove the slack.

  4. Cut across the throat: While holding the cross collar grip and pulling the collar tight, use your other hand to cut across your opponent's throat in a "paper cutter" motion, applying pressure with the edge of your hand.

  5. Finish the choke: Once you've cut your opponent's throat, keep pressure on them with your grip and body weight to force them to submit.

It is critical to ensure that your opponent's arm on the choking hand's side is trapped and unable to defend the choke. This can be accomplished by gaining control of their arm with your body or your other hand.

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