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The Twister is a rotating neck and spine fastener popularized by Eddie Bravo. Although banned in most IBJJ competitions, it's still an enjoyable technique to practice in the dojo as long as it's done slowly and carefully. It's important to give your training partner enough time to dig in.

How to set up The Twister Lock?

The Twister lock setup varies depending on the situation and the position of your opponent. However, here is a general step-by-step guide to getting The Twister up and running:

  1. Begin by gaining control of your opponent's back, such as a back mount, truck, or side control.

  2. Control your opponent's head and pull it towards you with your arm, while hooking their leg on the same side with your leg.

  3. Trap your opponent's arm on the opposite side, pulling it across their body and securing it under your armpit.

  4. Control your opponent's near side hip or leg with your free hand, preventing them from rolling or escaping.

  5. Start twisting your opponent's torso and neck in opposite directions, keeping their trapped arm and leg immobile.

  6. Continue to apply pressure to your opponent's neck and spine while gradually increasing the twist until they submit.

It is important to note that The Twister is an advanced technique that should only be attempted with proper instruction and supervision from a qualified instructor. Furthermore, this technique is not permitted in many BJJ competitions and should only be used in self-defense or a controlled training environment.



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