Wristlock | Aka Cow Hand, Mão De Vaca

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The Wristlock is a grappling technique used in martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Aikido. It entails causing pain and submission by manipulating an opponent's wrist joint.

How to set up The Wristlock?

The basic steps for performing a Wristlock are as follows:

  1. Control the wrist: Begin by using one of your hands to control your opponent's wrist.

  2. Rotate the wrist: To create tension in the joint, rotate the wrist inward or outward.

  3. Apply pressure: Use your other hand to apply pressure to your opponent's wrist joint, causing pain.

  4. Finish the submission: Maintain pressure on your opponent until he or she taps out or submits.

The Wristlocks can be done in a variety of positions, including standing, kneeling, and lying down. They can also be performed with either one or both hands. Wristlocks can cause serious injury if not performed correctly, so they should only be attempted by experienced practitioners under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

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